Monday, August 27, 2012

Here we go again.....

 This weekend was a rather interesting one. We played a game of charades,some family drama, some shopping and whole lot of writing. First though I would like to say I will be starting a new school tomorrow! I have already been scrolling through my classes and does it look like a lot but it is something that I feel so passionate about and I think once I get in the classroom (sometime in September) I could put the pieces together from the classroom to my students classroom. I will be doing around 80 hours each semester and I have 5 semesters left so whew! that's a lot of hours in the classroom but I feel very comfortable knowing that I will have a ton of experience in the classroom before I have MY classroom.

Before I tell you in detail about my weekend I forgot to mention that I changed my blog design/header again, you may have noticed the change on Friday. I like this one better I like the Apple because of what my passion is and of course my baby girl. I would have put a firefighter hat but it would not fit when I tried putting it in. Maybe I will make another somtime in November when Im done with fall semester. 

 On Thursday we watched our favorite show Big Brother. This season is by far my favorite,but then again I may say that every summer. Lots of twist and a lot of hitting and missing on some players. Do ya'll watch Big Brother? I think my favorite players are Ian and Britney.

 On Friday I kind of had a day planned with Megan but I wanted to incorporate Jaime so we waited for him to get out of work so we could all go together.  Well turns out he had a tough day and didnt feel like having the day I had planned. Which I completley understand,so we went to my moms and had a BBQ at their house. We played some charades, with guys(my dad,brother,Jaime and my sisters boyfriend) against girls (me,my mom,two sisters against) and for the second time the guys won again. So me and my sister said we would play against them (we were playing against my husband and her boyfriend this time) so we played for 5 turns and ended up being we had ties so we went for a tie breaker and well...long story short we still ended up in a tie after 2 or 3 tie breakers. Oh and I forgot to mention I had been watching Season 7 of How I met your mother during nap time. Cannot wait for this upcoming season.

Saturday we woke up late and I spent some time on my checking up on some books that were on their way. I had received my Texas History books and some clothes that I had ordered for Megan yesterday and I knew that were still some packages left. We left from our house about 1:00 to do some shopping for teacher clothes and for some ice cream. Jaime had informed me that his team which by marriage means my team as well(thanks Rebekah for that..I say it all the time now) was going to play tonight so I told him very excitedly(if thats a word) to get some football food! Wings,beer,ranch,chips well instead we got some wings,ranch dressing, forgot the chips, and tater tots. He had been having a headache since yesterday will all the screaming of the charades game(we take that game seriously) so he didnt want the beer. The food was still really really good! Our team didnt win....... bbbuuuutt Dallas Cowboys did (childhood favorite football team)!!!! We also got some Frozen yogurt but it taste more like Icecream and it was delicious Megan and I shared the cup we got some chocolate and lots of M&M our usual for every Icecream. Megan also got a little boy doll(ken) because her girl dolls have been boyfriend/girlfriends with woody and buzz.

Sunday was a lazy day I pretty much stayed in and did some work for my classes. Got a jump start on some work I need to get started on. Tomorrow I have a full day of doing things for school and plus Megan goes back to school. I am thinking really hard about her going to ballet classes. Im leaning more on her being a cheerleader when she begins school. We will see I want her to be in a sport or something that she will enjoy.

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Jen | Our Happy Family said...

looks like a fun weekend!! I love big brother but have no time to watch anymore, sigh! new follower of your blog :)