Friday, August 24, 2012

My time on the death chair(dentist)

Since last week one of my right molars has been bothering me when ever I ate. It had been giving me headaches as well. I think it hurt worst last week than it did this week. So my mom set me an appointment at her Clinic to see a dentist. I think Ive mentioned this before, Im SCARED of the the dentist office, walking past all the room and hearing the drills really scares me and gives me anxiety.

I knew I had to get myself looked at because something obviously was wrong.
They took some X-rays and I sat on "the death seat" I was really nervous but she said that something happend to my filling and that she wanted to redo my filling so I said ok. 

So the dentist first numbed my mouth a little and then  poked me, now this shot felt like it was going right through my mouth and I took hold of the seat. 

Then the worst part came "THE DRILL", now please note my tooth had been hurting to the touch and apparently I had been" numbed" on that tooth.
I kid you not, I felt every part of that drill, I think of myself as pretty good with pain as long as I dont think about it. It was the worst pain Ive felt in awhile. I was close to crying but I didnt I just kept reminding myself it was just pain and I absolutely needed to do this. 
After they were done drilling me, and inserted the filling, I could not feel a thing of what they were doing.
Im assuming because my tooth was very sensitive, that was why I was feeling so much pain when they were drilling me.

Worst experience ever. The bad part is I still need to get more fillings on some other teeth.
I dont like Dentists,clearly.

I could not smile on this picture, I was numb from the right side of my mouth and I was too scared to bite myself.


Rebekah said...

You poor thing! I haven't been to the dentist in a LONG time. I don't mind going, but I've never had to do anything like that. The worst thing I've had done is had my wisdom teeth taken out.

Amarjeet Prasad said...

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Claudia Ortiz said...

Hi Diana! Just a suggestion, if you’re terribly bothered by the sounds you hear in the dentist’s office, earphones can help you reduce the tension you feel. Of course with the music on! :D You know, the first things I look for in a dentist before I settle are warmth and assertiveness. Because I believe, an amiable doctor is enough to overcome dental fear and anxiety. Just sharin’. ;)

Claudia Ortiz

Marlena said...

Claudia's correct, wearing a pair of earphones will ease your tension away, especially when it's time for drilling. Aside from that, if possible, you can try to ask your dentist if you can undergo sedation so that you won't hear any of the sounds coming from the dental tools.

Marlena Tillens

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Joe stefans said...

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