Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schlitterbahn Monday

Last Friday I mentioned I would blog about our time at Schlitterbahn.
Lets first off start with  I had a Final that morning Ekk, so to make things a little smooth. I dropped off Megan that night before at my moms house so she could go with my family and me and my sister would catch up later. So on that Monday morning I studied and went on my way to school to study some more in the classroom. About 10 minutest later the Fire alarms go off.

Now what Im thinking is "I need to get out of here,I need to get out of here".
I think I was the second one out of the classroom.
Im sorry Fires scare me..and my husband is a firefighter hahaha
So everyone is out of the building and it took about 15 minutes for the fire alarms to finally turn off and
we were welcomed in again.

I took my final and finished in 30 minutes which was later than I had anticipated.
I headed to my moms house and by 1:00 my sister and I had made it to the park and was with my mom.

 There wasnt too many people inside the park, however I dont think that the workers in the front knew a whole lot about what they were doing. My sister and I were getting pretty upset about the workers in the front of the park. I guess there was just too many people in the front of the park where you get your tickets.

I was really excited to see Megan and my mom told me that she was out in the water with my dad and my other siblings. I was pretty anxious when she told me my dad took her with him on the rides. I mean she is a 3 year old. So I could not wait to see her. I had to use the restroom and as I was walking to the front of the park I notice my baby girl in a tube with her grandpa! I was so excited.She was staring at me like "is that my mom" and when I started to wave at here she started waving. I could not wait to hold her.

She was hungry so I fed her some sandwhiches that my mom had made for us. What she really wanted was to get back out in water. My dad told me that she went on some rides and I was just shocked.I am not the type of parent to do some daredevil things with my daughter in tow. Im terrified of rides already so to put my baby in there with me too you can muyltiply that by 100. So me,my sister,my brother,and my mom,and my other sister went on some rides and just floated.

I think I took too many photos of us. Then again who doesnt take way too many photos of their families and their adventures.
Oh I forgot to mention...I bet ya'll are wondering where my husband is at?Poor guy had to go to school.He cant miss one day of school. I told him to ask his chief for at least this one day off. I think he had a test to take that day so he couldnt.

We did have a good time. I think we spent about 2 hours in the water, and we were done. Megan and I did get on three rides. I only took her in the rides because she had already been on a few. I was pretty fascinated by her. She is a daredevil for sure. She would cover her eyes and she would say "There mom?There?" It was too cute! She would not cry and she didnt want to get off so I think she enjoyed herself. We need to go back again this time with Jaime.

Before we went home my siblings and I went to DQ for a mini blizzard.Yum!!!

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