Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our long weekend

This weekend was a really fun and relaxing weekend and dare I say just what I needed. I think If we have a three day weekend more people would be happy to go back to work/school (I think).

Lets start with our Friday:

This whole week has been a week of doing work and starting on some projects and assignments from school. Today, I will be finishing a big project that is due October 5th, I just really wanted to start early to get the rest of the projects out of the way. So I have neglected to clean everyday,pretty bad. I finally deep cleaned our apartment and it looks so much better. Our kitchen table was filled with toys,mail, and whole lot of miscellaneous items.

When Jaime got out of work,we decided to go out to dinner to a near by town. We actually wanted some Mexican food but Miss Megan had been asking us for some Chuckee Cheese's, so that is where we were headed. In my opinion Chuckee Cheese's is nothing compared to Peter Piper Pizza. At PPP the pizza is like the best pizza ever, most people here would agree that it is delicious and is the #1 pizza:)

Megan however loved it there and when Chuckee Cheese came out she wanted him to stay far away from him,she kept saying that he was following her. He wasn't, she was just at the exact place he was in the restaurant. She's was too cute.

 Afterwards we went to Target to buy a remote for our Tv and some other miscellaneous items for our Apartment, I also bought two pretty amazing things.

Once upon a Time season one and The land of stories book.
 I have not read the book yet and dont intend to till the end of November but I have seen once upon a time while doing some homework. I havent been able to stop watcing the season. I cannot wait for season two!!!

On Saturday I had school in the morning and didnt get out from class till 11:30, I learned alot but was really in the mood to sleep in. I had to meet my friends boyfriend to give him a text book because my friend really needed it for a class. Jaime and Megan spent the day at my uncles shop with my dad. Megan didnt really like being there all that much so I had to pick her up. Then my mom came by and she decided to mingle. Then later on that day I went to visit my family for awhile. It was nice and I was a bit tired.

Sunday was a catch up on work day which I did for most of the day. We didnt go out at all.

Monday we woke up early(our early) to eat some breakfast. Jaime was lucky enough to get the day off:) We spent the day shopping and playing with Megan. It was such a relaxed day. I dressed up Megan in my husbands high school colors. She usually wears my high school colors but I decided to let her daddy take this one. The high schools we went to are rivals, its a huge thing every year during football season. Not sure if we are going to this years games.

 My husband would say I bought way too many lotions and mists:) 

 I found this cute dress at a thrift store. It was the only item I thought looked decent. I found it right when we were leaving. 

What stores did ya'll shop at? What did you do for Labor day?

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Stephanie said...

There is nothing better than getting a little cleaning in. Once the table is empty, the whole house suddenly seems cleaner :)