Friday, October 19, 2012

Can it be December already?

Hello bloggers, I know I have not posted here in awhile. I'm honestly not keeping count how many days or weeks because geez life is just speeding, which I am not complaining but I have not been able to breath. I have said before that I can not wait till the end of November, when there is no more school till January. I will be reading books and catching up on some Netflix shows.

 So I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you all know what I have been up to. I will say though, we may be moving once again. I know, its terrible but this time we are looking for a house, not an apartment complex. The problem is actually finding the house. We just started two days ago and have not found a good one.We did find one, that is around the corner to my moms house, but the people have not answered their phone calls. For now we are just looking, by December we should have found something already.

Sisters 20th Birthday
Last weekend was my sisters 20th Birthday and we celebrated at Roadhouse. Its crazy but Im not a huge fan of Roadhouse and neither is my husband. I think the one thing I hate about it, is that it is just so loud! I mean the music is loud and people are trying to talk over it. None the less my sister wanted to celebrate there for her birthday. Megan got a cute little balloon crown just like her two sisters. I didn't get good photos but it will work for now.

Fishing days
I have expressed on here that we love to fish. Fishing is something so calming and fun. It was on Columbus and we decided to go fishing. We had originally wanted to leave Megan at school because for some reason she hates fishing. She likes going to her school so that's where we were going to leave her. Unfortunately, the school was closed and she had to come with us. The bad part was we didnt have a jacket for her. The one time its cold in Texas we don't have a jackets. My little sister also came along with us for the ride, she was the one that caught the biggest fish.

Update on Student Teaching
I had mentioned in another post that I felt that my mentor teacher was holding back on me. Well finally three weeks later her and I are getting along really really well that we are talking about stuff other than teaching stuff. I am really having fun now, and she is being more herself. The students are reacting so much better with me. It is amazingly fun. I'm learning so much more than I thought I was going to. I had my first observation and my observer kept saying I did an amazing job. My mentor teacher expressed as well, that I did amazing too. So I think I'm going in the right direction.

Fire Prevention
Yesterday, Megan got a little visit from some Firefighters. My husband was not on shift that day so he was not there to be with her. She was so excited about it, she kept going on and on about the firefighter and their dog "Sparky". She got a cute little firefighter hat, and she wanted to put on a tattoo on. She's too funny, she said it hurt when I was putting it on her. I was thinking maybe she said that because some people freaking out when they put on tattoos. Who knows. Speaking of firefighter(aside from the one I am married to) I am in love with Chicago fire. Its another show to add to the list of shows to watch in the week.

Well do I have some things to say about this little one. Miss Megan has taken the heart of a little boy at her school. The other day Jaime went to pick her up and Jaime witnessed a little boy giving Megan a kiss on her cheek. Jaime said he was pretty upset about it. I don't know if its a cute thing or something I should bring up to her teacher. I asked Megan if it makes her uncomfortable(it was hard to explain what uncomfortable is) but she she said it was o.k that he did that. I didn't think I would be going through this so soon so I have no clue how to even talk to her about this.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend. Tomorrow I find out if I passed my mid-term. Wish me luck:)

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