Friday, November 16, 2012


As I'm typing this post my 3 year old child had been non-stop talking for about 5 minutes already. I'm surprised she is having time to breathe. She said she has a lot of stories to tell me. Never a dull moment with her. She is either dropping things, saying things that she is not suppose to or acting some sort of skit of something. 

I wanted to post some photos and let you all know what we have been up to.

1. For Veterans day, our little family ate some dinner at Golden Corral, there were a ton of people there.
Jaime was talking to so many people, some veterans, some Texan fans, and some of his boys that he used to serve with. It was really packed with people but It was not as bad as I thought It would be. Megan and Jaime had fun, we were in a room in the back and it was pretty quiet for the most part. Cotton Candy is kind of  a big deal with Megan now a days, so when she saw a little boy with Cotton Candy the girl was pretty excited to get some. She had eaten dinner with my mom so she got to eat some dessert when we arrived while Jaime and I ate dinner.

2.This past Wednesday was pretty amazing. I did two unplanned lessons, and let me just point out I really don't like to think on my feet, I like to write down what sort of questions I will be asking and what I will be doing to get the students to be interested in my lesson prior to doing my lesson. I did two read alouds and I did a summarization on the book "Stone Soup". My mentor did some Stone soup for the kiddos and holy cow was it good, she didnt think that she was doing right but for me, it tasted sooo good. I burned my tongue a few times but totally worth it:)

 3. Over the past couple of months Megan has made a very special friend. You can maybe say that she is her best friend. Last Friday we were invited to this little girls birthday party. It was so cute Karen(the birthday girl) was so excited to see Megan, she just went right up to Megan and gave her a hug then another little boy came up to her and gave her a hug. I think she enjoyed herself being with her best friends. Before we had arrived to the party we went to go and pick out a present for Karen and Megan had a really tough time understanding the concept that the present was not for her it was for the birthday girl. Probably the hardest thing ever to make her understand this. It was a little humorous but at the end she understood that the present was not for her and she was excited to give it to Karen. It was the funniest thing too because Karen was so eager to open her presents, Megan was also really excited for her to open presents. Im thinking that Megan is going to love Christmas and her birthday party.

4. After Karens birthday party my family and I spent some time at our Church's festival. We went pretty late but it was still pretty fun. Megan and my little sister were having fun and that was all that mattered to us.

5. As I have been spending more time with my teacher she has been teaching me about the ropes about anythings I want to know. This past Monday I had to organize some books in the Reading Center, and my teacher lets me know that I need to start on my library as soon as possible. I do have a ton of books but not ones for my library so I am now looking for some books for my future classroom. 

The following day I stopped by at a Thrift store and I found a good hand full of books and I also found something borrowed, a book I have been dying to read. All the books you see in this picture were only 4 dollars all together and the "Something borrowed" book was 49 cents. Pretty good bargain.

Well thats all for now, I am fixing to write up a post about some of the netflix shows and movies I have watched recently that were pretty good. I think Ive done about 3 post on this topic so why stop now:)

Have a good Friday night:)

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