Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easing Megan to a new baby

About some time ago I mentioned some exciting new that we were going to start trying for another baby late next year. It was not until recently Jaime and I have been implementing the idea on Megan. Such as asking question about having a sister or a brother. Telling her that she is such a big girl already, and it means that she will be in charge of doing things for someone else or herself. I have told her that mommy will have a baby in her belly...not tomorrow but in some time. She still thinks that its tomorrow but at least she is some what happy and excited about the possibility of someone else to play with.

Jaime and I have also decided that after we have our 2nd we are going to try for a 3rd after. I want to say about a year and a half after but we still have not discussed that part yet. We are big on planning and so far everything we have planned for ourselves has gone how we planned. We are pretty excited about this upcoming year. Actually scratch that...excited, is probably an understatement:)

Sorry I have not been blogging...I have not had anything really to blog about just the same old, same old:)

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