Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(2012) My favorite Instagram photos

Well here we are again, another year has gone by. Is is just me or did this year go fast? I mean I still remember January 1st 2012! I wish these years can slow down a little more. Which reminds me I need to write up a post about Christmas, I probably should have done it a long time ago, but it's ok, I saw some bloggers posting their Christmas day a couple of days ago so I should fit right in:P Ive been seeing a lot of bloggers posting their favorite books of 2012 or their favorite moments of 2012 or doing a recap of 2012, but I do one every year so I think I will post my favorites from Instagram. Short and sweet.

I'm not very good with a new years resolution because I know that I will be really good about it for a while and then it will vanish. Take for instance, Last year, around this time I said I would be a better blogger...and as you can tell with my post I was really good at it in the beginning but slowly lost sight of it. I think I need to make a different resolution one that does not put so much pressure on me and my studies but also giving you all something to read  & my momma,because she misses me blogging:).  So here we go my New Years resolution is to Blog at least 9 times a month. I don't think it should be hard, but I think because it takes a lot of my time to upload photos and to put my name on them it takes awhile to actually make a post but Im going to put all that a side and suck it up because I do like to blog and I LOVE to re-read some of my past posts.

My daughter is now calling me to play Barbie dolls, so I will leave you with my first post of the Year.

Megan and her daddy are growing closer than ever, and I am so jealous of the relationship they share. She is very aware that her daddy was/is a Marine and that he left to another country to protect us. She knows that mommy and her were alone for a year, but that daddy is not going to leave for that long again.


I think I am going to need to make this photo into a canvas, it is too cute not be in a canvas

I think my favorite part of the this year was getting to move into this cute little house. I love where we live, it is so quiet, I can yell across the rooms if I wanted to, we can literally run around the house. My daughter is loving everything about this place and I think my husband and I did a great job with bringing her here:)

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Natalie and Lee said...

You definitely need to make that sweet picture into a canvas! SO ADORABLE!!