Monday, February 11, 2013

4th Birthday weekend

My not so little girl turned 4 this past Sunday. I will say that for the past couple of day,s I have been thinking about certain memories that I have had with her. I had a dream of some of those memories and I woke up with a big smile. She is just so big already, I mean really where the time go? One minute she is taking her first step and the next she is asking for domino's for lunch. Where is my little tiny13 pound baby, I once had?

This weekend we had Ice Cream, Birthday cake, birthday party shopping, & a Birthday surprise.


Friday, we spent the day at home. At about 3:00 my sister called me to ask me for a favor. She asked me if I could take her boyfriends to the bus station. So after we kind of got lost and dropped him off we took a little detour to the Sweet spot for some frozen yogurt. It was Yummy!

Saturday, was spent with a ton of shopping for the Birthday party this weekend. I had school in the morning but whew we were tired from the day.

Sunday, I took her to the zoo. I had not told her anything till Sunday. So we woke her up told her Happy Birthday and after she fully woke up I told her that her surprise was to go to the zoo.

Megan: Mommy, maybe you should have a monkey baby

Baby gorilla was the cutest thing, she was smiling while she was sleeping. Oh, it was the cutest thing, I wish I could have held it. It was one of those feelings where you just want to hold it tightly. The mother gorilla didn't show much motherly care, so it had to be taken care of by the staff. It has preemie diapers and the baby gorilla was drinking formula.

My little sister came along with us to the zoo. She's Megan's favorite person so she wanted to invite her.

What kind of surprises have you all done for your kids birthday or plan to do?

Our baby 4 Years ago today


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