Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday party Weekend

This past weekend was Megan's birthday party. It actually went pretty well for the most part. A good handful of kids came and Megan was having such a great time with all the kids. Some of the kids actually didnt want to go home, if you can believe that.  I guess we just throw awesome parties:P
The day before the party I actually had the flu and could not even walk, I was dying, or at least thats what it felt like. I was feeling sick and I felt so bad about no being able to help Jaime. I actually was pretty busy through out the whole week and I have been feeling terrible for Jaime because he has had to pretty much get this party together. On Saturday I felt a little bettter thanks to my husband and my mom. I was still feeling a little sick but I just pushed through for Megan. 

Miss Megan finally hit her Pinata,for the first time. She was always afraid to hit it but this time she hit it! Yes, I was so excited and over joyed when she it the pinata. Then to top it off she was playing with all the kids and she was just having fun on her day. Then out of nowhere she sat down by herself to eat...I spotted her and had to sit next to poor baby sitting by herself. Jaime and I were so busy but thankfully I saw her and made sure she knew that she was the special girl we were celebrating:)

Girlfriend, got close to $300 in cash, and she also received a ton of gifts. I mean seriously she's 4!! That night Jaime and I were talking about her college fund and I always forget that Megan is going to get her college paid for because Jaime gave up his "GIBill mumbo jumbo" stuff for her, so she could use it. The day she turns 18 is the day we are all going to argue about what to do with the fund we have set up for her. Cant wait for the day.

 The next day was a sort of bitter sweet. First, we were all exhausted and Jaime had to go back to work, so It was just me and Megan for the day. I had this ugly feeling like, gosh my baby is going to get older and older and one day she is going to leave me and its going to hurt me terribly when she leaves me. She is so well mannered, she is incredibly smart, she is funniest kid ever, she says sorry way too much like her momma, she has a way to make you feel special. I love that little girl, and its getting harder and harder to see her grow up.

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Courtney B said...

Best party EVER!! How fun :) Happy Birthday to your little BIG girl!!