Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Reads

I realized last year I didnt read much books as I probably wanted to. This year I told myself it would be different, I would make time to read even if it was for an hour or 5 minutes, in the least. I dont have much time to read since all my energy goes to my family and school but I promised to myself that I would read more. For January I only read 4 books. I have a whole lot more waiting be read but but for the month of January it was 4 books.

*These are my opinions of the book,  and for you all, I tried not to be too much of a spoiler of the book.

Love the one your with-Emily Giffin
I was very intrigued with this book. I'm not sure about the main character,Ellen. She runs into Leo, her first love, the one she never really got over and things start to spiral out of control. She is lying to her husband, thinking things she probably shouldn't, & to top it off their still newlyweds. She must make a choice on whether she wants to stay with her husband or run away with Leo. I have to give it 4 stars.

Safe Haven-Nicholas Sparks
I was a little hesitate to read this book. I had looked at the back of the cover about a year and a half ago, but it just seems like it was different from all the other books he has written. My mom got me this book for Christmas and I started reading it about a week later. To my amazement, It was an amazing book!! It was very different from other books he has written but that's what made it so great; this book has a lot of suspense. I mean I was reading so quickly just to get through the suspense. I was also feeling so sorry for this girl. I mean she obviously was running from something terrible. The ending to the book was a "wow, didnt see that coming".  I give it 5 stars.

Taking Chances- Molly McAdams
When I first picked up this book I thought that It was going to be about a girl who is with the good boy but is in love with the bad boy. That's what the front cover looks like right? I would say I enjoyed this book, definitely needed to know what happened in the end. I do have to let you all know this is a love triangle book. I am giving it 5 stars.

Hired by the Cowboy: Harrlequin- Donna Alward
For a free kindle edition book, this books was pretty cute. It had a happy ending and of course had some romance in there. I love these type of books because they are short and sweet. I give it a 4 stars.

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