Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby talk,yet again.

So here we are, a couple of months till baby making  and I keep getting comments such as "Where is baby #2?" or "Are ya'll going to have another baby soon" or "Your daughter, I'm sure is lonely" or "Where is the other, your getting older." The last one is pretty terrible.  Thanks, I had not noticed I was getting older. My response is always same its either "we are waiting till next year" or "we are waiting till I graduate".. Then I smile and turn away. I could go on and on why we would like to wait till next year. There are even reasons to wait for another 2 years, but if we don't do it next year,
 I think the idea will go away and it will just be Megan.

Aside from all the questions of people.
Baby fever is at it's all time high. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will noticed so many pins on baby stuff.  All I can think of are bow ties and hair bows.Someone please help me. I think I need to take care of an infant for just awhile and remind myself of why we're waiting.

All I can think of is the cuteness...nothing of the labor pains or the diapers, or the night feedings, just the cuteness of the baby. That's so far from reality. That baby is not going to be crapping butterflies:)

I didn't have much to blog about today, this has just been on my mind lately. I mean seriously, I cant wait to have another little baby that is identical to Megan.
Megan, days old.

Megan, Now.
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Nicole said...

I've been asked about baby #1 since I got back from my honeymoon! lol I guess you never get away from those questions! Maybe #3?! & My sister in law just had another baby and my fever is outta control haha