Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fishing Picnic

Hmm I could have added commas to the title as well.

Our Easter started off at 5am. That's right, 5am! We had planned an Easter "Fishing picnic" with my family. The only problem was that I had not seen Jaime in 2 days so I was planning this fishing picnic with my family and just texting Jaime the details.

So we started the morning, and at 5:55am we were at my moms house waiting for everyone else to get ready. We left at about 6:30am and It was still dark out. Megan kept telling me it was night time but I had to explain to her that it was just really early and the sun was going to come out to play any minute now. When we got to our Fishing location there was already a ton of people who had camped out there. So we found a small area we could "set up camp". The only problem was that there were bee's. A lot of them. So many that I didnt feel comfortable having Megan there. I just wanted to be safe than sorry.

So we left to a different spot. This next spot was sort of like a beach looking spot. The sand was there and the water was coming up to the sand. We stayed there till about 10:00am. Jaime finally showed up and we were all fishing and having an amazing time.

&& Here is the best part. We got to see some wild Dolphins swimming. Actually, was saw about 6 of them and one of them gave us a little flip for our entertainment. I mean it was so amazing!!! I was screaming and jumping up and down. The last time I saw those dolphins was when Megan was 1. We go often to that location.

After awhile some people started setting up camp right next to us and they had jetski's which disturbed all the fish. So we moved elsewhere once again. The next spot is where most of the photos were taken. There were a few bees but not as much as the first spot. There was a ton of shade and  about that time it was getting too hot for all of us.

We ate some chicken wings, drank plenty of water, and had some snacks in there too. It was a pretty good day. I'm not going to say it ran super smoothly but it was pretty fun. Jaime caught two fish, I caught one, and my little sister caught one. Megan and her daddy were also tossing the ball to each other.

At about 2:30 we finally left. We were all pretty tired.Megan feel asleep as soon as she sat in the car. We finally got home and Jaime started cleaning like a mad man, I however had to shower. Megan stayed asleep for awhile. In the meantime, Jaime and I were catching up on the last 2 days that he was not here. When Megan woke up we had a small little Easter hunt for her and my sister. I added some money to some of the eggs and my sister won most of it.

Afterwards, Jaime got a call from his brother inviting us over to our SIL family's house. We had some brisket and talked. It was a pretty good Easter. I kind of promised Megan we would have an Easter party next year. We'll see if we could make it happen.

I hope all of Ya'll had a great Easter too:)

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