Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life. Music.

* looks like I forgot to post this last week. Oh well, here it is:)

Im not sure if this is just me but do you ever think to yourself. Hmmm..have I already posted this picture already? And then your there looking back at all your posts. Yeah, I totally do that sometimes.

 I think I posted yesterday that Jaime was part of Career day at Megan's daycare. Well, the next night Miss Megan and all her friends were in the newspaper. I received the text message late at night about the paper and jumped in my car to get the paper. I was pretty excited to see Megan on the newspaper=) It was just a little story about the daycare having Career day, but it was still so exciting. My mom also bought the paper and put it up on her fridge.

I'm pretty sure I have posted about Mr. Jaime was in a band when he was in High school. The music in him has never left him and still loves to play when he gets the chance. For a couple of months he has been begging asking for an acoustic guitar. So spontaneously we went to go by him one. He has been playing some Brad Paisley on his guitar its pretty awesome. The acoustic guitar has some sort of a romance sound to it:) I'm a sucker for romance.

Two weeks ago we bought this pool for Megan, It was a very interesting experience. She made me get in her pool and It was a little too cold for me. So when I finally came out I was so sore, and that does not even cut it. I was so sore that I could not walk. I guess the shaking mixed in with the cold water made my legs feel terrible. We have not been able to get in the pool in awhile. I cant believe its so close to the summer and right now it is pretty cold outside. Its weird weather for this time of the year.

I love my new rug, it added so much color to the porch. I kind of wanted to paint the floor but we still have not decided on it. In case you were wondering I got this pretty rug at Target.

We have watched Pitch Perfect about more than 100xs. Geez. She is in love with the movie and knows This was happening at our house Sunday after noon. Talk about a Diva!

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