Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outside play

I don't think we are outside enough.
First off, I stay inside when Jaime works, our private fence is not fully closed off so I don't feel like it is totally private where I can be in the back and no one can see us. It is just one of those over protective things I have.
Secondly, it is effin hot. Hot, Hot, Hot. That's the only thing I hate about Texas, that when the summer comes its not just hot..its fuggin HOT!
The times when we do go outside to play its fun and so laid back. On this particular day we were planting some flowers, which Megan has really started enjoying. We still have plans to plant some flowers in the back of the house but that part is still in the works.

Megan seems to like being outside but we don't have plenty of outside toys.  She has a small slide,a little tikes car, and a water table. I have saved up quit a bit of money to buy her a swing set. We are waiting for Jaime and my dad to finish my parents private fence so that they can start on Megan's swing set. I cant wait to Megan to have this swing set, I have always wanted a wood swing set but Im so glad I am able to get my little Megan a swing set.

We decided to get a semi-big swing set due to the fact that our future little ones will want to play on it as well. So we are planning on getting something that three children can play in and still not fight over the swing or the slide. I cant wait for them to put it together!

I told Megan about the swing set and she is over the top thrilled about have some swing set.

I love my tin plant holder. I think its pretty nice for being my first one. The second one came out better. I think I will write a DIY post on how to do this but then again its self explanatory. Just cut out a label template and tape it onto whatever you want, and just paint on it.

This photo just melts my heart. These two are the best of friends. I am jealous of their relationship, I'm the tough parent and he is the fun parent. Not that I'm not fun at time but most times it's him. Im the arts and crafts, play dolls parent and Jaime is the climb on my back, lets do some flips on the sofa kind of parent.

I came outside and found them like this. They were searching for bugs. Which I found fascinating. My husband had a little girl not a boy yet.I love how it didn't matter that she was a girl he was showing her what kind of little insects were walking around the plants. I just thought it was the cutest thing. It just made me wonder what he would be like when we have a son.

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