Friday, April 26, 2013

With my two favorite people

This past weekend, we stayed indoors and at the end of the weekend I felt terrible that we didn't leave the house and have some fun. I felt really bad for Megan. So I told Jaime if we could go to the park so that Megan could play. This semester has been horrible and I know that I have not fully been there with Megan. Ive spent a lot of my time studying so I owed her this. We had a great time, we had a little picnic with the damn seagulls. They were ready to attack our food. Then we fed the ducks and Megan spent some time playing on the pirate ship boat. Megan really enjoyed herself, we played capt. hook, and two princesses. It was so much fun. Then Mr. Jaime made me get into this little tiny hole that is for kids and surprisingly I fit! Well kind of:)

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