Friday, May 24, 2013

Had another the same location!

The "Bad day" song from Daniel Powters keep replaying over and over my head. My day probably could have gone a lot worse than it has been going. At this point though I need a restart button. Have they finished making those?? So we are having some tiny problems at home that I dont feel like sharing right now, nothing to do with Jaime and I, just life problems I guess, but either way, those things have been round my mind for a few days. Plus, I had a "dumb" moment in my my online classroom.

Lets start with my Geography class. I'm going to go to come out and say, I hate dislike Geography. Don't care where most of the countries are located, don't care how much population they have? I just don't. It does not interest me at all. So because of my lack of interest my grades are not all that great. Thankfully, Im not the only one that seems to be having a hard time with this class. We have to post discussions on a thread and the chapter was on North America. Well, I made the dumb mistake of asking why they mentioned Canada so much. I didn't realize that Canada is part of North America, until I pressed the submit button. So now my peers will think I'm an idiot. When I think of North America, I only think of America. I guess it's just me and my way of thinking "North America", America..Oh, United States of America.

Oh and I have to mention this. my teacher,....he's Canadian. Awesome. Im going to get an earful from him.

Then today in the morning, I head to HEB(grocery store in Texas, in case you don't know) and I find a parking space, I turn into it and stop, Im pretty sure I put it on park but apparently I didn't. So before I know it,I am raming into the thing you put the carts in outside. At the time my car was moving forward, I was counting some money In my car and looking down, so for whatever reason I could not feel my car moving. So I ram into the thing, thankfully I didn't hit the truck it was close to. I looked around and I thought that someone was pushing me into the thing, I feel like I blanked out for a second there. One of the men that worked there came to see if I was ok. I was just really shook up, my hands were shaking and I was on the verge of crying. I swear I thought I had it on park. After he asked me 1000 times if I was ok he let me go. I was so embarrassed of what I did I had to leave.

 This is not the first time I have a little crash at HEB, its the second time. The first time, I was 17 and I crashed into a jeep. I was barely learning how to drive so I guess I can blame it on that. I think I should stay away from that store from now on.

I really hope all of Ya'll are having a better Friday than I am.

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Nicole said...

Oh no! Sorry about your misfortune I hope things are going better now =) I have that problem with REVERSE! I swear at least 4 times I have forgotten to put it back in DRIVE! I only hit someone once though & he was totally fine with it because he had a monster truck and hurt my car more than his so he let me go!

Happy Weekend!