Monday, May 6, 2013


Its officially the first day of Summer Semester. Spring semester was really hard and I'm glad it's over. I received a new batch of classes this morning. My last day of spring semester was on Saturday at 10:20 AM, and get first class of summer is today. So I had only about a day and a half to truly relax. It really sucks, I need a break! A long, long break. I know I didn't blog last week and I think the week before that but Ive been busy with school and lesson plans. You know, the never-ending story.

For weeks, Jaime and I have been discussing about what we should do about the washer and dryer room. I've suggested countless things. Mr. Gonzalez saw this as an opportunity to put some of his military flags and call that decorating. So this is what our washer and dryer room looks like now. This isn't really what I had in mind but ehh..I did marry a Marine and that part of his life will never go away so Its staying like this:)

I bought some Mason jars over the weekend. I didnt really know what to do with them until I saw Megan painting her bird house and remembered that you can paint the jars from the inside. This is what it looks like now. We bought a horizontal book shelf a while back and still have yet to make it look decent. I have only bought about 5 pieces to decorate the table. Still need a long way to go. Im thinking of making a colorful table. We'll see how it goes. Jaime really liked the Jars so I know I did a really good job on them.

I have to say, I think I know about ROUGHLY 20 lucky ladies that are pregnant. I know it's crazy!! I mean what kind of water are they drinking?:) I am so happy for all of them. I went to the doctor I think about 2 months ago just for a check up. We started to talk about the possibility of being pregnant again and my doctor said that I should start taking folic acid. I know that it's very good to have in your body before the baby is conceived.So for about 1 week and a couple of days now I have been taking these bad boys. I'm kind of excited, every time I take one I just cant help but think that soon we will be having a new face around the house. Baby making is creepin' up soon and I want to make sure the baby is as healthy as can be.

Last week on Tuesday Megan started to vomit at daycare so Jaime took her straight to the doctors, I met them there and they said that she just had a little cough. So they gave her some medication. She was suppose to stay at home for a few days. The little booger ended up staying at home all week long, isnt she lucky:) She got over her cough on Wednesday but she still stayed at home with mom:) Im just glad she was not sick, I hate seeing her sick and cough so much.

Megan and I visited the public library on Wednesday morning. I think Ive been spending so much money on books I thought I would try borrowing them from the library. I got two books from the library and ordered these 3 from amazon. I have a good handful of books to read and still need a good amount of books left to read. My goal for this year is to read 100 books so far I have read only 20 books. I feels like that's very little but I'm still reading. I plan on making a post on all the books I have read, Just the titles and the link to where you can buy them.

I'm sure most of you all have seen the pin on pinterest of a mug and the permanent marker. I just wanted a pencil/pen holder but seriously Its pretty hard to make. The cup is round and pretty hard to write on. I suppose I just need some practice, nope, I obviously need some practice:).

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Hi Diana!

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