Thursday, May 23, 2013


  I wrote this post on Sunday and had it scheduled for Tuesday. Somehow blogger deleted it and Im having to write it up again. Thanks 

 For Mother's day I received the book Jane Eyre. I've seen all versions of the movie but I suspect that it is missing parts of the book and since I just adore this movie I needed to have the book. I'm currently reading this book. Ive only gotten to about page 5 because there were other books ahead of this one. When I finish this book it will be Numero 28 that I have read so far in the year. I think Im doing poorly on my 2013 book challenge. I have to either stop searching for books and just settle or something. Or something:)

 We made the decision to buy Megan a wood playground. When I was younger my family could not afford the pretty wood swing, so me and my sister settled for the metal ones. Not to say that my parents didn't try and buy them for us because they really did try but ultimately they were just too expensive. We still had fun with our metal ones, so no harm done. Jaime will be putting up this bad boy up this week. Well, he is going to be doing the "start" to the project this week. So we will see what exactly that means.

 My glasses broke by the person my mom calls "Megan-tron" Aka Megan. I think she either stepped on them while trying to get to her carseat ooorr she sat on them with her big booty. I was without glasses for 2 weeks and let me tell ya, that was not fun. Everything was a blur, especially at night. Thank god It was only 30 dollars to repair them. So, I can finally see clearly.

 I really thought this semester was going to be the easiest thing. Turns out it's just as hard as all the other classes. Every Monday this is pretty much what I do all morning/all day. The rest of the week depends on the amount of work given to me but this is pretty much me almost everyday even if it's just for an hour. I'm looking forward to some time off. I got one day off from one semester to the next and it really, really was not enough. On the plus side, I will be a Senior come August:)

On Mother's day we also went to the Disney on Ice show. It was our 3rd year in a row seeing a Disney on Ice show. I have to say though,I think my favorite show has been Tangled. It was colder this time around though. I mean freezing cold. Jaime and I were sharing a jacket and realized that, that was not right so we gave the jacket we were using to Megan. She had her own jacket and she got our jacket that we were sharing. Jaime and I were freezing cold throughout the whole show. What mattered though was that our baby was warm:) Look at that face, she deserves everything,within reason of course:)

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