Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's day

I realized I never posted some of the other Mother's day photos. I have told you all a few things that we did do on that day, such as Disney on Ice but we also went to Barnes and Nobles, and we also ate at Logans for Lunch/Dinner.

In the morning Jaime came in and brought me some flowers and some breakfast. Which was the sweetest thing. My flowers were beautiful with it's Mother's day balloon. Megan and I were pretty much ready for the day before Jaime got home and Megan was in her cute little dress. I bought that dress thinking that it was going to be hot and with this crazy weather it turned out to be a little chilly.

Before we went to the show, we stopped by Barnes and Nobles. Jaime, bought the book Jane Eyre along with a bookmark I wanted and Megan and I were just hanging around Barnes and Nobles taking pictures of ourselves. After the show we went to Logan's where Jaime gave me my presents. Along with my present, he game me a little note that said I O U  Kindle e-reader. I thought it was so cute. I had a fun day. I was with my whole family that day, except for my sister missing of course. I'm just glad I took my little baby to the Disney on Ice show, she is the little one that made me a momma afterall.

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