Monday, May 20, 2013

The lazy weekend.

This past weekend I was determined to stay in my Pajamas for as much as possible. I just wanted to have one weekend where I didn't have to get all dressed up. So I pretty much stayed in doors and let me tell ya, It was lovely. Minus the panic attack I got, it was a pretty good weekend.

On Friday after my Volunteer hours. We went to another talent show for my little sister, which by the way she killed! She was amazing! I mean that girl has a great voice. Have ya'll ever watched the movie Parental Guidance? In the movie,the way parenting has change is depicted as, everyone wins and no one keeps score in games and parents cannot say negative things about anyone in the game. That's pretty much how the principal and the staff members wanted for the parents to do. To my dad that's just the weirdest thing. There was a group of girls who weren't the best singers and my dad just had to say a negative comment. I guess it's just in their nature. Parenting has really changed since then.

Saturday morning I went to school while Megan hung out with her grandpa and her aunt Angela. Class went by quickly, I just had to present a hands-on game and the subject was Reading. After class I went to K-mart to get a few things. I spotted this little cute dress for a newborn. There were a ton of cute clothes for babies and I think I will be going back there if we have another girl.

 I took my little sister with me to my house to be with me and Megan while my dad did some work on the yard and went to my uncle mikes auto shop. Megan and her were playing while I cleaned a little, read some books, and caught up on blogging. We ate some yummy pizza for dinner, we got a little visit from my mom and I was also finished up my chalkboard. I had no clue what to put on my chalkboard and I ended up with a music theme, because after I was done with the chalkboard I was going to put some music in my iPod. The girls didnt sleep till midnight and I fell asleep at 2 in the morning. I was tired in the morning but my brain woke me up at 6 am anyways.

On Sunday, we stayed in my PJs all day long. We cleaned and watched Bridezillas, and had a little BBQ with Jaime. Jaime and I stayed up watching Bridezillas at night and oh my god we were just laughing and laughing with this one bride, she was just hilarious.

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