Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A little Judgemental

* I think I may offend someone but this is just how I feel on the matter

I think we all have done it. We have judge someone by the way they look. For me its more of a matter of what if this person is a bad person and runs after me and takes me away type of thing. I don't mean judging like they are less of a person if they have tattoos and a cut up shirt. I don't like to judge a man/woman buuutt I think there are some exceptions,especially when you think you may be in danger. You know how when in the movies a girls is walking at night and there is a group of biker guys and then a lady walks by them and something bad happens to her because she was taught not to "judge" a person. I think we have that instinct when the time is right to judge a person. I'm not saying that every biker is a bad person....but I think there are certain times when a person should judge the situation at hand.

I have been meaning to type this post for about a year now, and I have been thinking about a certain individual lately that I judge by the way he looked.

It was the first day of my sophomore year and I knew a couple of people in the classroom. There was one more seat opened and it was in front of a scary looking guy. The guy looked like he was in his 30's(he was a senior) and he had a huge mustache,was built(muscular) and he just looked like he could pound on someone if he had the chance.

We were sitting in tables, it was a biology class, so it was two per table. My friend Patrick was sitting right next to me and a friend of mine was sitting right behind him so that meant she was sitting right next to the "scary guy". I remember the first time he spoke to me, his voice sounded soft, and he was giving me some very sweet advice. I mean his personality was really, really sweet. After a while we even started to walk together to class if we saw each other. He was a really, really good friend. He was those type of people that looked scary but he had a good head on his shoulders. I mean, I could not have been more wrong about this guy. He would even sometimes give me a ride home. I think I may have written this post before....but this is one of those significant times where I need to remember not to judge people based on their appearance. I'm glad my parents never saw him give me a ride home because I'm sure they would have freaked out. Then to top it off I was one of those Jocks in high school(if you like labels) so people kind of just stared at me when I would walk with him. I will always remember that guy. He taught me something really important.

I'm not sure If I will hit the publish button..because of the message it sends, but I did want to share my story even if I have told it before.

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