Friday, July 5, 2013

Baseball game & fireworks (4th of July)

To be completely honest, I thought it was going to rain. It usually always rain here on 4th of July. I think there has only been one year when it didn't. Yesterday was actually kind of a perfect day. It wasn't hot at all, and it was super cloudy outside && semi-windy! It was an amazing day. We didn't leave our house till about 5pm, we pretty much stayed at home till then watching The Sandlot(awesome movie). Our plan was originally to go to a park festival in the next town but as we were driving, Jaime suggested we go see a baseball game. After the baseball game there are usually fireworks afterwards.

Game was fun. I think Megan really liked the fact that we were able to eat some snacks. She was just having fun eating the snacks. The game was pretty fun. I'm pretty sure we lost (we didnt stay for the whole game) but it was so much fun teaching Megan a little bit about baseball. We have been watching The Sandlot for a couple of days already so she kind of knew a little bit.

Then at about the top of the 8th Inning we left to see the festival across the street. Megan wanted to go play at the park but there was just too many kids. I think I would have lost her if were to play at the playground. So we walked around the fair for awhile, and then headed back to the truck. We sat on the bed of the truck and waited for the firework display. I would say it was the perfect day. It was just me,Jaime and Megan. It felt amazing just being with my little family.

Oh forgot to mention I also did some work for school. I finished my S.S. lesson plan and finished a research paper. So drained from this semester. Hardest semester yet.

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