Thursday, July 11, 2013


 I know that my blog has consisted of only books and well, that's pretty much it. Nothing much has been going on in our lives. Just the usual and I wont bore you on that so I'm going to give you the highlights on IG.

Megan watches youtube like it's no ones business. She really likes youtube and she will watch anything girly and cute. There is one video with japanese girl that is openeing a pack of gummy candy from Japan. Megan has been begging for us to buy her that candy. We have been searching for this gummy candy and have still yet to find it. Until I searched on Amazon(duh) and found it. Problem was it was only sold in Japan...which made sense. It is a Japanese Candy. The candy was not expensive...the shipping however was 5 times the amount the candy was for. Talk about CRAZY! We finally recieved the package in 5 days (expedite shipping). Megan was so excited and she had fun with the candy.

Side note Kit Kats in Japan have many different flavors...I think we got Kiwi...we'll never know. I dont read Japanese:)

I have been getting these cute little notes from my husband. Seriously he is so cute. Life has been so good lately. Nothing but smiles and laughing. Not that it hasn't been great. Its just that I'm finally taking the time to appreciate my husband and just have fun with him. Sometimes marriage and day to day life gets in the way of love and we lose ourselves.

 I love my chalkboard. However I do wish it was bigger. Im still looking for something bigger, but have yet to find it. Until then this is what is up on the chalkboard.

These two in the photo are my grandparents. The best grandparents. Have ya'll seen the move parental guidance, well in the movie it talks about how every grand child has favorite grandparents. Well these two were it. And I have no shame in saying that. My grandma from my mothers side died before we could build a relationship and my grandfather remarried and never hear from him. Regardless my grandma R and grandpa R were always there for me since day one. I actually do mean day one. The would buy me diapers, they bought me toys, they bought me an Air conditioner..all for me. My grandparents have always been there. Every chance I get, I try and pay them back for what they did for me and for being the most amazing grandparents to me. I finally found a nice vintage frame(from target) for their picture. It now stands in the first room in the entrance.

Their love story is really the cutest story:)

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