Thursday, August 29, 2013


For two week Jaime was home. It was great. I was able to sleep at night without a care in the world. He just went back on_____day. On the first night he was back, it wasn't too bad and I thought I was growing accustomed to him being gone at night. Then my parents informed me that there have been some car break-ins. I think three houses have been hit with my parents house included.

After them telling me that, and my car being new, I have been unable to sleep for the past couple of days. I fear that I may need some pills to start sleeping. I have been sleeping till 1 or 2 in the morning and waking up a couple of times after just to check on Megan and around the house. So when I wake up in the morning, Im pretty sleepy and draining through most of the day.

Jaime's schedule is not too bad, but on the days where he gets overtime and he is gone for three days in a row. Yep, my body feels it. Not only do I feel lonely but Im so scared.

This past week, I also did the stupid mistake to leave my house unlocked. I swear I thought that I had locked it but I guess I didn't. I grabbed something and searched the whole house before letting Megan inside the house. Needless to say, I talked to Megan about the hypothetical situation if  a stranger was inside the house and if I told her to run...she should run.

Jaime was in the military and I should be used to him being gone for long periods of a time but at the time of deployments we were living with my parents so I wasn't scared at all. Then to top it off when he does not call/text for 4 hours or more. I start to panic and think the worst. He has not been to a house that has had a really bad fire and I know that he is nervous because when it does happen it will be his first. I think I'm even more terrified that it will be any day now.

Ok...enough with that. We went to my little brothers first game last week and we were all pretty excited. I was really nervous for him because I could just hear the helmets knocking together and I just could not shake the thought of those boys hurting my brother. Then to top it off some girls were jumping on my brother and hugging him. Those girls are in for something new because he only has sisters....and we're not nice to people who hurt him.

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