Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Megan's room

Its very safe to say that Megan outgrew her tiny little toddler bed. Which means she is no longer a toddler.
Last week on Thursday we decided to buy Megan her big girl bed. I was pretty excited about it and so was Jaime. He wanted to buy something pink but I would like for her bed to last till she is at least in High school, so I wanted something that she would not be so embarrassed about if she was to invited friends over.  I still want to add more to the room but My God does the girl have toys oh and lets not forget the  ridiculous amount of shoes she has too.

She has a little less play space but it's still a good amount for her to play in. I wish her room was just a tad bigger but for her at this time, this is perfect. I think when baby G wants to come out and play, it is going to be a little crowded but don't think that will be happening for awhile. So I think for now we are good.

Her bed is so nice and comfy I have already slept on it. She comes to our bedroom sometimes at night so now if she takes my place in my bed then I get to sleep on hers:)

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