Friday, September 20, 2013


For a couple of months now, Jaime and I have been going back and forth on where we could put Megan for an after school activity. We went to soccer, baton, and gymnastics. In the end Gymnastics won and she is now in a 4yr old class. I love the place we chose. They have windows for parents to see. Honestly, you would think that because parents are able to see the kids would be off and staring out all the time through the windows. Nope, they just go along their business like we were not there.

We had her first class this past week and it was really amazing to see her do her thing. I loved it. I liked see her have some fun. She was doing ballet, she was tap dancing. She was just having a grand time. I cant really explain the feeling I had watching her but I guess close to the feeling would be joy. I bought her another leotard and a skirt for this occasion.

I had to reassure her for two days that everything was going to be o.k and that I was going to be right outside watching her. She was crying saying she didnt want to go. I told her that all she had to go was twice and if she really didnt want to go back then she didnt have to. I did tell her to give it a try, like with everything she does. I always tend to tell her " How would we know if we don't like something, if we don't try it". She gave it a try and loved it.

I think Jaime was the one that was more excited. I swear that man loves his daughter. I think he would have done all the ballet and tapping with her if he was asked. He's just a great dad and very encouraging to Megan. I just love how his face lights up when he's watching her have fun.

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