Friday, September 27, 2013

Bumpdate-Week 5

How far along: 5 Weeks 

 Size of baby: sesame seed
just over 1/2 inch long and is constantly moving and shifting.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +1

Maternity Clothes: None so far

Gender: Not sure yet 

Movement: None

Anything making you queasy or sick:I had a slight episode of queasiness with KFC the other day. I just could not look at the food, one more second.

Sleep:  It's terrible. I'm sleeping at 9, which is so early, but I just can't keep my eyes open any longer. My dreams are terrible and so vivid. The other night I had a dream of a very creepy clown at a circus and Me, Jaime and Megan were in a maze turning round and round..almost going warp speed. Then all these nightmare characters started to come out. Yep...I didn't get any sleep that night  and to top if off Jaime was on shift so there was no way I was shutting my eyes.

What I miss: Not having my boobs hurt.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Most of the time I am happy but occasionally I'll start crying just because.

Cravings: Wooh. Where do I begin, potato soup, lobster, pizza hut wings, cheeseburger, and middle of the night icecream. 

Clearly all the things I should not eat.

Looking forward to: Seeing baby for the first time on Tuesday.

Best Moment This Week: Megan touching my belly and saying "Its ok baby, big sister is here".

Uh..can we say cutest things ever said!

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