Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's raise the stress level just a tad...

When we found out about baby G. We started to question  about our living condition right now. As of right now we only have a two bedrooms. One is ours and the other is Megan's (so jealous she gets her own), so where the heck is baby going to sleep? I think its safe to say that baby will be sleeping in our room for a couple of months then it is time for their own room. Now mind you, in this year alone we have had a ton of events or will have some events by the time baby is here....lets list them.

We bought a brand new car 
Baby G is announced
Student Teaching
Megan is in Gymnastics
State testing

Most of this list is more mine than Jaime's. This year, and when I mean " this year" I mean August 2013-May 2014,(I'm still in school year, and will always be) I have a ton of events to do.Its just too many things to think about and do. So when I thought about where baby will be sleeping, I thought about the possibility of buying a house of our own. Why haven't we done it yet?, because we wanted to accumulate more credit to get the best deal for us. We have discussed it and have decided to try and look for a house. We will not start till December but at least we have a month where we will start getting some sort of process going. We have a ton of options to go through and we really don't know where to start, but little by little I am getting some information on which way is better suited for us. I would really like to go through the VA but we don't know I said there are a ton of options that we could choose.

Jaime and I do have an understanding that if we don't get a good deal with mortgage companies then we will not be pushing it. It probably just isn't our time right now and will have to duke it out in our two bedroom home. There is nothing wrong with our home, I love it and so does everyone else. I just hope that we can have a house that is just a little bit bigger. So wish us luck that we are able to find something good.

I've been hunting this house down. However, any house that we like will do:) Its so spacious inside which is what I love/want/


Hilary said...

That's a super cute house!

Hilary said...

Oh, and you might want to look into the Hometown Heroes program. They do buying assistance for military, firefighters, and police. They'll cover things like your inspection, appraisal, etc.