Monday, September 16, 2013

Little bit of this a little bit of that

Happy Monday! It's back to another work week or I should say busy week.=)

I am not sure if I have mentioned but I really want a Polaroid camera, only because they are fast for developing and pretty practical when I need a photo right then and there. So I asked Jaime if he thought I could have one and he Of course he said no. He said that he needs to see me use my canon more in order for him to buy the Polaroid for me. So it's been two week since then. I think Ive captured  a pretty good amount of photos. Im kind of excited to get back to my canon. I missed it.

This is a photo I captured the other day....on accident.
I guess I could stick with this camera till Chritmas. I just thought it be fun to get a polariod.

The weather has been terrible for the month of September. It has been raining almost everyday. The Sun...yep haven't seen it in weeks. Its like a twilight zone. It's just raining and raining all day, all night. I mean of course it stops but then its starts up again. It's so bad I'm not kidding. I've been rained on twice while getting some groceries. We've been cooped up inside for past couple of weeks and it's not fun. As I am typing this it has begun to rain again.....

So with all this rain we had to get a bit creative on fun. This is one of the events that has been happening while it's been raining. I about just died when I saw them dressed like this. I mean how could I have been so lucky to have a husband that is this great of a dad.

I had a practice state test again and I met up with a professor of mine so I could talk about some classwork as well. She ended up giving me a lanyard and some other goodies. My other lanyard was looking crummy so Im glad she gave me this one. I just love it!!!! Now that Ive made an impression, she may know my name:) and not just another students in her classroom.

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