Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our weekend

Its Tuesday already and I probably should have written this yesterday but yesterday was a little bit of a bum day for us.
I guess we're gonna go all the way back last Thursday. My little brother had a football game that day. Before we left I asked my mother why she was taking her umbrella and she said "just in case". Well. "Just in case" turned out to be right. About 2 minutes after walking through the gates of the stadium it started pouring rain. A lot of people were drentched in water. My dads shirt was soaked, it was like he took a shower with his clothes on. We took shelter in the bathroom but everyone was in there. It was terrible. But.....After the rain there was a beautiful sun shinning:)

Friday was boring, I spent the whole day reading my literature book for class. It is something about Gilgamesh. It's interesting but not intersting enough for me to enjoy it(...ZZZzzzzz). That night I had class. I think I mentioned it in an earlier posts that I had class on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. On that day it was going to be my first day of class. It was an interesting class, and I predict will be one of the ones where I have to proof read everything I turn in. Not that I don't proof read my work but now I actually have to check the ins and outs to my papers.

After my class on Saturday morning we went shopping. It was pretty fun, we bought some stuff that we needed and wanted. We arrived at the outlets mall about 1 and didnt leave till it was a fun filled day of shopping.
Afterwards we left to my sister in laws party. It was just me and Jaime because Megan was too tired to go. She was falling asleep in the car on our way home, so we left her at my moms house.
Sunday we had a small little get together for dinner. Jaime was outside BBQing and we were enjoying some Big Brother. I love Big Brother and we are huge fans and I think I just took my family to the other side:) I think the secretly loved it too. I mean seriously this season hasnt been that great but It still is pretty good.

That was pretty much our weekend. I know it doesn't sound all that great but it was somewhat relaxing and tiring.

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