Tuesday, October 29, 2013

9 weeks bumpdate

(Photo taken by Megan) 

How far along: 9 Weeks 

 Size of baby:Grape

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  -2
I think it's all those salads I keep eating. I think I had 4 salads this week alone. I've been eating a ton of fruits too.

 Maternity Clothes: Just the one pair of pants for work

Gender: Not yet 

Movement:I have not felt anything yet.
 Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth is the hardest thing, my gag reflex is on full force. I finally had my full blown morning sickness. It was pretty bad. I felt even worse because my little sister had spent the night and heard everything. Poor thing.

Sleep:Much better, this past week I had to sleep at 11pm due to a quiz I had to turn in at 9 am the next morning. Then Jaime and I stayed up watching Breaking Bad on Saturday. It had been a while since I have slept past 9pm

What I miss: Being able to brush my teeth in peace!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I raised my voice this past week. I never do that, but In my defense I was irritated.

Cravings:Runts(Haven't had those in years)
I told daddy-o to pick up some Runts....and he brought baby sour sweettarts.
In what universerse is that the same?
Baby was not happy.

Looking forward to: Taking a picture of Megan with all 4 pumpkins.
two pumpkins are Mom and Dad
and the two other pumpkins are Baby and Megan:)

Best moment this week: Megan being so sweet to the baby. I mean this kid keeps making me smile. She is always kissing my belly. She even talks to the baby already. I mean this girl is so ready to be a big sister. I cannot wait to include her in everything.
She also came across a sock monkey that she wants to give the baby. Awww!!

Also we made some cupcakes together and at the end of making some cupcakes Megan said " Hey mom, thanks for helping me make some cupcakes."
My heart just melted.
She has such great manners, and we're the reason for it:)
That makes me happy.


Emily said...

Girl, you are SO skinny! I remember this phase too, it was HARD to brush my teeth! Hated that!! Hopefully it passes quickly!

Hilary said...

You look great!!! I wish I was still craving healthy food. All I can think about is chocolate!