Monday, October 28, 2013

Estate sale & Halloween costumes

So school has gotten to the point where Im over it. Im tired, I just want to be finished. Well I recieved some good news. I have been verbally cleared to graduate in May with  a Bachelors of Science. I was so happy when they told me that. The only thing pending are some transcripts from two schools. Which I will be making the drive to the schools this week. Also, we have already started discussing student teaching. I really hope I get a teacher that does not let me take over. I secretly hope I get a kindergarten class. I still need third grade but Im going to assume the third grade teacher will not let me take over her class due to state testing. I know I would not. So I should be starting January 4th, which is a teachers in service, and I do need to go. For what? I have not clue but they told us that whatever the teacher does we do too. Im more afraid of the teacher/ parent conferences. Im scared.

So that's whats happening at school. That was just part of this past weekend. After our meeting with the our school superiors Jaime came up with the idea of going to look for garage sales. Every morning on my way to school I always see a ton of garage sales with really good stuff. We went driving around and we came across an estate sale. All together they charged us $28, but to be honest I don't think they added right.


set for $10


12 mason jars for $3

$1 dollar each

 Jaime also got a poster and I got three children's books. So it was a pretty good garage sale day:) On Sunday Megan and I went with my mom and little sister to buy a costume for her. I also needed a costume but I was going to buy it somewhere else. My sister bought a red riding hood costume. I got my costume at the thrift store, yep at the thrift store. I will give you the details about my costume on Friday.. or Thursday on Instagram if you follow me (dmgonzalez14)

These shoes are part of Megan's Halloween costume. Can you guess what she is going to be?
Oh, and yes, I did do those stripes with white duct tape:)

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