Monday, October 7, 2013

Life so far....

Megan is doing great in Gymnastics. She is still learning that she needs to tuck her chin in but other than that she is loving it. I love it when she glaces to where I am at just to know that I'm close by her. I'm thinking of keeping her in gymnastics but also next year putting her into either cheer leading or soccer. I want her to be active and not at home watching tv.

 We bought baby's first item. Its called a 3 in 1 rocker. Bought it off of amazon,of course. Amazon is my best friend. Megan was so eager to open it up but lost interest because I thought it would just accumulate dust from being opened and not used for too long. We still have yet to open it so it's still in it's little box. Im not sure what we are going to get baby next. However, I am looking forward to getting the crib going. I think I'm going to go with the whole gender neutral stuff. I'm not a big fan of blue and pink. Some thing like orange and navy blue is what I'm thinking about. Which is why we bought this in brown...we would have chosen red or yellow but they were a little more expensive than the brown.

I saw these the first week I found out I was pregnant and I just wanted to buy them. Right now Im kicking myself for not buying a cute newborn dress I saw at target and these adorable shoes. I know it will only be one gender but I would like to keep the item for just in case reasons. The dress was adorable and I could have probably used it for taking pictures but grrrr. Im really kicking myself for it now.

Lately, when we have gone shopping we are finding absolutely nothing. I know crazy right? Seriously though when I don't have money I find something, but when I do have money I cant find anything. Story of my life. About two weeks ago a Burlington just opened near by so we went to go have a look see. Holy cow do they have a baby depot. They have a huge section of baby stuff, and they have the crib that I want so my mom and I will be going back to purchase the crib.  I bought some of this cocoa butter for the stretchmarks, but to be completely honest it's just to prevent from getting more stretchmarks than from the ones that Megan gave me.Megan also got some new shoes.

Megan and I had a great day yesterday. We had two parties to go to for the day. My sister was turning 11 and Megan's friend was turning 5. Her friend's name is Michael and he used to go to daycare with Megan. His cousin is bestfriends with Megan (photographed). Unfortuantly, she went to another daycare and she is also enrolled in Pre-k. My baby girl is not enrolled yet, but I think Im planning on putting her in the same school her bestfriend is at. Its a really good school but it's too soon to tell what I am going to do. These two love each other so much. Her mom was telling me how much she(Megan's friend) misses Megan, and I know Megan missed her too. Can you tell from the picture?They were running around the play area and just having a grand time together. Megan cried when we had to leave, she just missed her friend so much. They were best friends since 3 so I can understand. After we let we went to my sisters party where we danced and played outside. Momma started to feel dizzy so I had to sit after awhile.

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Hilary said...

Tell me more about that rocker! Right now we have a bouncer that was given to us, but I'm also looking for something to take to the office with me (whether it's the one we already have or a new one). I haven't gotten a swing yet, or decided whether I want to/need one.