Friday, October 11, 2013

The second time around

The other day Jaime and I went to Target just to pick up a few things which of course led us to buy other things that were not on the list for that day. While we were there picking up a few items for Megan and the house, we of course walked around the baby section. While we were there we talked about what sort of things we would wanted this time around. He really wants a moby wrap(wow!) and he also wants a breast pump (for me not for him :)

I think I've mentioned on here that money was really tight when we had Megan and things were a little tougher than what I put off. Thankfully that's not the case this time around. Anyway, we had hand me down bottles. The only thing we bought were the nipples and the liners that we would buy almost every two weeks. Those liners are not inexpensive but they were very worth it because Megan probably only got sick once.

So this time around while we were shopping we were just walking through saying "oh, we don't necessary need that"..."we need this".Its almost like we were pros at this. I am really excited this time around, its a lot easier and things are just as they should be. We are all so happy about this new life:)

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