Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The update on baby

O.k so on October 1st we had our first ultrasound. When we got situated the tech said that the gel was going to be warm...well I have no idea what she thinks is warm because it was more like HOT. She started to look for baby. At first I could not see baby, and I started to panic.

Side note: For some reason I have been thinking that something is going to go wrong. So this ultrasound was very necessary for myself. Everything is just so different this time around that it scares me so much.

After awhile she finally found the baby. The first thing I noticed was that baby was really small for being 9 weeks. I remember telling the tech, why is she/he so small? She said that she could not answer those type of questions. Which got me to panic more. I started to tear up because I could not see a heartbeat and I could barely see the baby.

She made the picture bigger and I could finally see a tiny flicker. I was still really worried about the size of baby so I really just wanted to talk to the doctor to see what exactly is going on. After two hours we finally went in to speak to the doctor. She told us that it looks like baby is at 6 weeks instead of 9 weeks. I asked her how was that possible. She said that It could have been that my ovulation was pushed back about 2-3 weeks. Weird. Bascially, my body did something weird and baby is now due May 27. It was May 5th before so here we are:) This actually works out for everyone. I was worried about student teaching and graduation but If I can just hold out to the week before due date. Everything is good:)


Faith said...

Glad to read all is well with baby. You had me worried when I first started reading this post.

Hilary said...

I've always had a period that was like clockwork. I assumed my ovulation would be like that, too. Apparently, not, though. I got pregnant one week from the day I started my last period, which was a whole week before I should have ovulated. But, like you said, it works out for the best - God works in mysterious ways!