Thursday, October 24, 2013

This week

 This week has been an eventful week for us. We had another Ultrasound which I will post about that later, and Megan's daycare has also had activities all week. They had crazy sock day, camouflage day, firefighter day, and pajama day.I think her favorite day was crazy sock day, she got to wear her Monster High socks.
On the day of gymnastics we passed by a bowling alley and Megan asked why don't go bowling often and I told we could go the next day. Everyday it's usually the same ol think so I was glad that she got us out of our routine for once. We had a pretty fun time just the three of us. We got some snacks, listened to some country music and she was just having a really good time with Jaime and I. It was just a perfect family moment.

So Allegiant came out this week!! Awesome right! I had to pre-order it from Amazon. It was pretty cheap actually, compared to buying it full price at Target. Then I get free shipping in two days so it's lovely. I can go on and on about Amazon. I have only gotten to like Chapter 5. School has been really terrible and then meetings have been going on like crazy for student teaching.

Luckily Megan has daddy come and visit for Firefighter day. He has shift that day so it worked out perfectly. He got to spend some time with his little girl even if it was just for a while. He said that she was a little intimidated by all the other firefighters but that she had fun with her friends. Jaime said that he likes to teach the little ones rather than the big kids, I'm going to assume it's because they are more intrigued by all the cool gadget and the truck. He told me that on one of his visits to a different school one of the kids peed on their seats. Hilarious!

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