Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween pictures from last night

I forgot to mention here that I had my computer cleaned. I knew It had bugs in it but I didn't know how bad it was. Guess how many viruses I had, just guess. 52 viruses in my laptop! Yep 52. It was pretty bad. I would get on google and every time I would click on a link it would go to something super random. Like If I clicked on a Halloween costume site the link would take me to a realtor site. Super annoying. Thank god I got it fixed because it bothered me so much. So If you don't see my watermark on some of my pictures it's because I'm on my laptop and not on my actual computer which has the program I use.

Ok. So yesterday, like I said I was going to Megan's daycare for their little harvest party. When I walked in they were decorating pumpkin cookies with icing, and candy. They were also playing games, they were decorating pumpkins, bat, and ghost. She was having a good time, and she also really liked that I was there. She thanked me for coming to her party and she said that she didn't want me to leave. I was going to let her eat some lunch while I went to pick up my prenatal vitamins and visit with my mom really quick.

While I was at her party I got the chance to meet some of her new friends and talk to some of ther old friends. They are so cute! After they ate pizza, I picked her up and she came home with a ton of candy and some books. At this point Miss Megan has two buckets filled with candy. Good lord the amount of candy this little one has is appalling.

When we went home she took a very long nap, and when she woke up it was almost that time to go trick or treating. I also made dinner at 4:30! I know that was super early, but I wanted to eat before we left. Not that she ate but I did and I was happy. She didnt eat till later on.

Yep, I was a nurse. Jaime already had the stethescope and my mom gave me a mask from her work. So my costume was complete. My dad was making fun of me and asked if I had just came out of work.hahahaha. Very funny dad. I'd be too scared to be a nurse/doctor.
Can you tell Im pregnanct in this photo?
Probably not:(

We left from my moms house at 6:15pm and didnt get back home till about 7:45pm. She didnt need a ton of candy because she had a ton of candy already so we didnt last for a long time. I also had a canday bag, but guess what mine was filled up on? It had a camera, my keys, a flashlight, and a pair of extra shoes for Megan.
At some point we added the wig that she had on into the bag. Little one was sweating up a storm in the wig. Poor baby when I took off her wig, I could feel she really was sweating a lot:( & I give her a ton of Kudos for walking on heel the whole time. She never once asked for her extra pair of shoes. She was tired of walking though, so like I said, we didnt last for a long time. My little sister was also over it, so we left home.
I would say it was a successful Halloween day. I had fun and so did Megan.


Hilary said...

I see your baby bump! :-)

Courtney B said...

How fun! What a great Halloween!