Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Adventures

What our Thursday is looking like.
Megan is playing hookey from Daycare and I just wanted to stay in today since we hardley ever do that. So I am right now sitting under the blanket watching Pirates of the Carribean and waiting for my food to be done in the oven along with blogging of course. Happy Thursday!

 It has been pretty cold here lately. Since we are from Texas we aren't very accustomed for it being too cold but it has been pretty cold from a Texan standard. My younger sister had a "concert" and it was so cold, I could barely feel my fingers. No seriously it was cold. Jaime was at work so I didnt have a cuddle buddy except for Megan but the girl never stops moving when we are sitting on the stands. So I wrapped that little girl up and had her sit with me through the whole football game and through the concert. My sister sounded amazing. You can really tell that her voice is maturing through her singing. She's come a long way from being that little girl with a cute squeeky voice.

Christmas came early for my husband and he now is a proud owner of a recliner. He has been begging me for a recliner since last year. Now he never gets off of it, except when he has to use the restroom or go to work.hehe This was kind of the spur of the moment type thing. I wasn't much help with the picking out the recliner so it was all up to him. I wanted him to be comfortable.

It came on Tuesday and he is in love with it. Im not a big fan of it, so I think I have only sat on it maybe twice. I dont get what the big deal with those things are. I think this guy is ready for his own man cave.

The Hocky game we went to this last weekend was Awesome! I dont know If Megan enjoyed the game but Jaime and I really enjoyed the hockey game. We had never been to a hockey game so this was a new adventure for all of us. It just amazing that Jaime and I are 20-something and it was our first hockey game and Megan is only 4 and she was already experiencing the whole hockey adventure. I guess it just amazes me the kind of things she will experience that I never did when I was her age.

You know those days where everyone has invited you to a birthday party? Yes, that happened to us. We were invited to two parties and my husband had one other party to get to. That day I had to write a three page paper and the procrastination has completley taken over( & I will be an educator) so I had to sit and complete the paper before I could go out to the parties. All parties started at 3 so what we did was pretty much hopped around the two kid parties until it was about 6:30 (it was getting too cold for comfort) so after cake and pinata we left the last party. Megan had a fun time with her bestfriend and I was pretty much beat after those parties so I was gladly ready to head home.

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