Monday, November 25, 2013

The Organizer fairy

We have been having a huge problem when it comes to organization. Jaime claims it's because "I" don't organize but I think it's because of the little space and maybe about the containers or shelves I might need to get the job done.

Under the bathroom sink is a mess..or I should say it was messier. I bought a bucket from Target that took care of most of my hair products but it's the little things that are still in the way. I am looking for some small little shelves to get rid of that but Im still searching for that. It's so hard to shop when you're so busy all the shopping here we go!!!!

Another big part is the massive amount of mail we get. I'm sure everyone can agree that we don't always read the mail that we get and we just dump it off on the table and move one with our lives. Don't be shy, we do the same thing. A few month ago, I bought this folder holder thing at the dollar section in target and that has been the mail holder for now. Let me tell ya, that thing gets full fast! Hence the picture below. This is all the dumb mail that we get and I have to shred it one by one. Yippee right?! hmmph

And last but not least Megan's art work. What do I do with it? Do I save everything? Do I save some of it? Do I take pictures of it and that's how we keep the memories? I have chosen to save most of it. However, it's costing us space. Miss Megan does a ton of work at her daycare and when she brings it home I am at a loss where to put it. I wish I could save it all but I will admit I throw some of it away and I feel horrible for doing that. I hope she forgives me one day.

Do any of ya'll have some organization tips?
Pinterest is just not helping on this department.

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Hilary said...

We have the same problem with bills/mail. As for M's artwork, could you get a 3 ring binder to put it in?