Sunday, November 17, 2013

To my neighbors little dog

I have always been a dog lover. (What you have a dog? Aww how cute!)
Since we have moved in I have had to live with your dumbass barking.
All summer long I heard you more and more.
Your lucky that my daughter and my husband are heavy sleeper because then we would have an even bigger problem.
I have to admit I have been thinking of way of how I could murder you.
I know I sound like a crazy person.
However, I am pregnant and I need my dang sleep so I think this is a valid thought.
I dont think I will ever do it but you should be scared that the thought is there.
I think your owners heard me last night yelling at you so I'm hoping they take your butt inside from now on.
Why they put you oustide when you are inside all day long baffles me.
Dont worry though your safe, for now. The winter is coming and your owners never leave you outside at night during that time. & I dont have a tiny little baby in this house to wake up but when baby gets here, your should be very afraid.
Oh and another thing stop with the barking, THERE IS NOTHING THERE, I know, I check!

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