Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 1

Starting with the night before Thanksgiving, Megan and I were watching Christmas movies. I watched a romantic Christmas movie on Netflix and Megan and I watched some other elf movie that she and I thought was really cute.Jaime was at work the night before Thanksgiving so It was just us for the night, and tomorrow morning Jaime would be getting out of work.
The only picture we got all day long

The next morning(Thanksgiving morning) I started on the mash potatoes because my mother decided that everyone was going to have a job for our Thanksgiving lunch. So I had mash potato duty. I have no idea how to make mash potatoes but she wanted me to do them,so doing them I shall. I started at about 6 in the morning and put the potatoes in a pot so they can start cooking. They were not done till about 9:30am.
We arrived at my moms house with my awesome potatoes, and we all decided to play Taboo. I think we played for about 45 minutes and then we started to looking through the "Black Friday" sales, or should I say "Black Thursday" sales. I was very upset this year that they moved it up to Thanksgiving. They really cut my family time short. There is a long story to our Black Friday and by the next morning Jaime and I will vow to never go Black Friday shopping again and I will tell you why in another post.

So after we were done looking through the ads we decided what we wanted to get and that was it. The two things we wanted were at Walmart and Game stop. We were looking into the TV that was for $99 and the stoller that was also $99. Thats all we wanted to get.

So since this year it started at 6 we knew it was going to cut into our family time.So we wanted to get as much family in the day as possible. So as soon as we were done at my mommas house. Jaime and I left to see my grandma and all my other family members. Everyone gathers at my aunts house every year so I knew that we would hit everyone with just being there. Megan left with my mom because I was not about to take her with us to "Black Friday". So she left to see my moms brother, where I heard, she has an awesome time with her cousin. My mom was saying how much they just clicked:)
My grandma just looking at everyone:)

Megan was also spending the night at my moms because if we were to get her some presents I didn't want to have her in the house while we wrapped the gifts.

So we left to my Aunts house where we stayed for awhile. I had all kinds of hands on my belly, and we ate a little bit more there.

After we left from my aunts it was time to go Black Friday shopping....

Part 2 to come......

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