Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi ladies, I know I didnt blog all that much this month. I have a good reason. I hope to get back to swing with  blogging in a couple of days, even if they are small little posts. This month was a crazy busy month.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday party Weekend

This past weekend was Megan's birthday party. It actually went pretty well for the most part. A good handful of kids came and Megan was having such a great time with all the kids. Some of the kids actually didnt want to go home, if you can believe that.  I guess we just throw awesome parties:P
The day before the party I actually had the flu and could not even walk, I was dying, or at least thats what it felt like. I was feeling sick and I felt so bad about no being able to help Jaime. I actually was pretty busy through out the whole week and I have been feeling terrible for Jaime because he has had to pretty much get this party together. On Saturday I felt a little bettter thanks to my husband and my mom. I was still feeling a little sick but I just pushed through for Megan. 

Miss Megan finally hit her Pinata,for the first time. She was always afraid to hit it but this time she hit it! Yes, I was so excited and over joyed when she it the pinata. Then to top it off she was playing with all the kids and she was just having fun on her day. Then out of nowhere she sat down by herself to eat...I spotted her and had to sit next to poor baby sitting by herself. Jaime and I were so busy but thankfully I saw her and made sure she knew that she was the special girl we were celebrating:)

Girlfriend, got close to $300 in cash, and she also received a ton of gifts. I mean seriously she's 4!! That night Jaime and I were talking about her college fund and I always forget that Megan is going to get her college paid for because Jaime gave up his "GIBill mumbo jumbo" stuff for her, so she could use it. The day she turns 18 is the day we are all going to argue about what to do with the fund we have set up for her. Cant wait for the day.

 The next day was a sort of bitter sweet. First, we were all exhausted and Jaime had to go back to work, so It was just me and Megan for the day. I had this ugly feeling like, gosh my baby is going to get older and older and one day she is going to leave me and its going to hurt me terribly when she leaves me. She is so well mannered, she is incredibly smart, she is funniest kid ever, she says sorry way too much like her momma, she has a way to make you feel special. I love that little girl, and its getting harder and harder to see her grow up.

Monday, February 11, 2013

4th Birthday weekend

My not so little girl turned 4 this past Sunday. I will say that for the past couple of day,s I have been thinking about certain memories that I have had with her. I had a dream of some of those memories and I woke up with a big smile. She is just so big already, I mean really where the time go? One minute she is taking her first step and the next she is asking for domino's for lunch. Where is my little tiny13 pound baby, I once had?

This weekend we had Ice Cream, Birthday cake, birthday party shopping, & a Birthday surprise.


Friday, we spent the day at home. At about 3:00 my sister called me to ask me for a favor. She asked me if I could take her boyfriends to the bus station. So after we kind of got lost and dropped him off we took a little detour to the Sweet spot for some frozen yogurt. It was Yummy!

Saturday, was spent with a ton of shopping for the Birthday party this weekend. I had school in the morning but whew we were tired from the day.

Sunday, I took her to the zoo. I had not told her anything till Sunday. So we woke her up told her Happy Birthday and after she fully woke up I told her that her surprise was to go to the zoo.

Megan: Mommy, maybe you should have a monkey baby

Baby gorilla was the cutest thing, she was smiling while she was sleeping. Oh, it was the cutest thing, I wish I could have held it. It was one of those feelings where you just want to hold it tightly. The mother gorilla didn't show much motherly care, so it had to be taken care of by the staff. It has preemie diapers and the baby gorilla was drinking formula.

My little sister came along with us to the zoo. She's Megan's favorite person so she wanted to invite her.

What kind of surprises have you all done for your kids birthday or plan to do?

Our baby 4 Years ago today


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Play a little catch up

 Little late on my posts and I still have yet to read some of ya'll post from this week and last week. I will get to that probably Tuesday or in a while. I am not going to lie, its been pretty chaotic with Megan's Birthday party plans, school, observation, my physical science class, and just chores all around. Im exhausted again just listing those things. So here we go on playing catch up.

 School has been going pretty good. I have a few more things to do and I have a big test coming up this week on Valentines day for crying out loud. Which oh gosh I have no clue what to get my husband. I think I know but I think I am going to go shopping at Target tomorrow to see what I can get him. Ok how did this get from School work to Valentines? hahaha

Im actually second guessing myself about teaching, I had this terrible dream that I was actually really bad at it. I mean I think Im an ok teacher but I just think that there are still a hundred other things that my teachers are not teaching me, I mean where do I find the time to assess all these do they do it?! What is their secret. I think my only problem so far, is the behavior management, I apparently need help on it.

Oh did I mention that I will start observation again. Pretty excited. I start Tomorrow and I'm pretty happy, I hate being at home doing school work all day long. I end up in my desk chair for 6 hours straight.

My husband sent me this text the other day. Sometimes when I am heading to school my mind wonders about the time we spent apart and how we have over come it. It was the hardest thing being away from him. I think sometimes that I annoy him because I just like being with him all the time that I think Im suffocating him. After awhile he says something I dont like and I have to stay away from him. hahah thats normal right?hahaha

About two weeks ago Jaime, Megan and I went to the flea market just to see what we could find. We spent a good deal of time there and came back with lots of neat things. I had been wanting a  pepperspray do ward off crazy people if they ever came in my home. I have always wanted one since last year....I actually want a gun, but we just cant bring ourselves to buy one, so I am going to settle on the pepperspray, for now.We also bought some more bows....Im going to feel sad when Megan tells me she does not want to wear bows anymore. We also bought cases for our phones and we also bought this lovely chair that is now on our front porch. It cost us a whole 5 dollars. But wait I have a story to tell you about it. Promise, I wont make it long.

When we bought the chair we told the people to hold it for us so that we could do some more shopping. So they said they would hold it and they put it in the back of their truck. So we went shopping and then came around the whole market to where we thought the were located. I got off the car and told Jaime that I would go and look for them...well I spent about 10 minutes looking for them..didnt find them.

I went back to our truck and Jaime finally found a parking space that was close. So I come to his window and I tell him, ok I cant find them, maybe you can have some luck. He gets off spends another couple of minutes looking for them. He does not find them. So Im in our truck thinking and thinking and all of a sudden my memory gets more clearer that they had an umbrella that was blue and red. Low and behold there was an umbrella with the exact colors. The chair was right in front of us the whole time. I tell Jaime and he looks and of course it is the chair. I thought it was hilarious that we spent so much time looking for them that they were right in front of us the whole time.

I have more to say but I will leave that post for another day. Have a good Sunday night & dont forget to watch Once upon a time:)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Reads

I realized last year I didnt read much books as I probably wanted to. This year I told myself it would be different, I would make time to read even if it was for an hour or 5 minutes, in the least. I dont have much time to read since all my energy goes to my family and school but I promised to myself that I would read more. For January I only read 4 books. I have a whole lot more waiting be read but but for the month of January it was 4 books.

*These are my opinions of the book,  and for you all, I tried not to be too much of a spoiler of the book.

Love the one your with-Emily Giffin
I was very intrigued with this book. I'm not sure about the main character,Ellen. She runs into Leo, her first love, the one she never really got over and things start to spiral out of control. She is lying to her husband, thinking things she probably shouldn't, & to top it off their still newlyweds. She must make a choice on whether she wants to stay with her husband or run away with Leo. I have to give it 4 stars.

Safe Haven-Nicholas Sparks
I was a little hesitate to read this book. I had looked at the back of the cover about a year and a half ago, but it just seems like it was different from all the other books he has written. My mom got me this book for Christmas and I started reading it about a week later. To my amazement, It was an amazing book!! It was very different from other books he has written but that's what made it so great; this book has a lot of suspense. I mean I was reading so quickly just to get through the suspense. I was also feeling so sorry for this girl. I mean she obviously was running from something terrible. The ending to the book was a "wow, didnt see that coming".  I give it 5 stars.

Taking Chances- Molly McAdams
When I first picked up this book I thought that It was going to be about a girl who is with the good boy but is in love with the bad boy. That's what the front cover looks like right? I would say I enjoyed this book, definitely needed to know what happened in the end. I do have to let you all know this is a love triangle book. I am giving it 5 stars.

Hired by the Cowboy: Harrlequin- Donna Alward
For a free kindle edition book, this books was pretty cute. It had a happy ending and of course had some romance in there. I love these type of books because they are short and sweet. I give it a 4 stars.