Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's play Catch up #2

 This photo was taken about 3 weeks ago on my first day of Student Teaching. It was filled with all day meetings and getting to know the teacher. This was in the early morning waiting for my teacher to arrive, and it was super cold. My class is outside so it was pretty cold most of the day.

 Jaime and I went to the flea market to see what we could find and this particular time, I actually found a ton of goodies that I needed. While we were searching for stuff, we came across this book. Honestly, the book was just gross and weird...why would I keep a dead cat? Strange stuff people do.

I feel like I never see this little one anymore. I'm so glad I got MLK off, because I really needed to spend some time with this little one. I got the soundtrack of Frozen for her and she just loves it. If you have not seen the movie you need to! I think, and it's totally my opinion, the best disney movie. Like it's my number one movie. I think its better than all the movies. Only because (spoiler alert!!!!) the sister saves her sister so yeah. Im all for sisters saving each other instead of a man saving a woman. Independence wooh!

 So remember I told ya'll that my husband was now in a band or at least playing with another guy? Well they had their second gig at a very upscale restaurant. They earned $60 each(There are three guys total now). I was joking with him about that but then I said well I guess your making more money than me....I'm working for free right now and you got $60 for 3 hours.He just laughs.

This past weekend I bought Megan some converse shoes. She loves them. It was either those or some cute solid pink ones..Nope she chose these. She's not very girly when it comes to shoes unless they have heels then heels beat all other shoes. She's so cute in her converse, I just love that she has shoes like momma.

I mentioned on the last "Let's play catch up" post that we did some crafts and she was not too into it. The wreath that she made is hung in the living room. I think she is very into her painting don't you think. All she wanted to do was paint.

It was grandma's 95th birthday and my poor grandma was taking a ton of pictures that day and Im sure she got tired really quick. People got a little crazy and really wanted to celebrate her birthday. Megan was with my mom at the movies so they came and dropped her off after the movie. Everyone was asking for her, and when she finally did arrive she gave everyone hugs.We bought her some flowers that I thought as everyone else did that they were so pretty.

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