Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby boy's name

I can't remember if I have mentioned the name we will be using for the baby. First off I just wanted to point out that we went through  2 names for the girls name. First, I came up with the name Erin but after awhile we just were not feeling it.So the last one, that we were pretty sure we were going to use, was Mia. I really liked the name Mia and I liked it even more because it started with another "M". I'm a little happy that we didnt have to use a girl's name only because Megan Emma was always going to be my baby girl's name.

O.k so to tell ya'll the name of our little baby boy. The name we will be using is Andrew Eric.  We didn't come up with this name. This baby's name is in honor of my little brother that my mother miscarried. I can't remember when she miscarried him but I do know she knew it was a boy already. She had always said she wanted for us to name one of our kids after the baby and well since I love the name Andrew I decided to use it. Jaime likes the name too and well he does not really have a choice because he chose Megan for our daughter, so It's my turn and I like the name Andrew.

Something I want to remember is how weird it is to shop for a boy. I have always shopped for girl stuff and I can't tell ya how weird it was to shop for a boy. I mean there is not a lot of cute stuff like for boys. Just t-shirt and short/jeans for the boy and we are done. I have told Jaime that I want to dress him in converse and ties and he thinks that I am crazy and that his boy is not going to wear that.  Aww poor daddy-o he thinks he has a say in it..thats sweet (evil laugh).

So anyways I have to buy both girl and boys clothes from now on and oh boy it's not cheap when you combine both of them. Lord help us. I still need so much more clothes to buy AND, AND we need to buy diapers. We only have about 2 pack, not boxes, packs. We cannot find size 1 LUVS or newborn for that matter. I mean seriously what the heck is going on in the stores.


Emily said...

I love the name, and what a wonderful way to honor family! Mia is a girl name that we really may be a contender for baby #2 :)

Hilary said...

Boys clothes ARE hard. Josh doesn't like anything with animals, or pastels,so that makes it even harder. The majority of Beckett's wardrobe is navy, red, or orange. You should try to research your area and see if there are any consignment sales. We have one twice a year and they have a TON of stuff. It runs Friday-Tuesday and by Tuesday, everything is marked 50% off from the sale price. I didn't know what I was having at our last one, but they're having another sale in March and unless I'm in the hospital having Beckett, I plan to be there!! Just be careful about buying Carter's brand! Department stores seem to charge so much more for it, where you can find the exact same stuff at discount stores like Marshall's & TJMaxx for a lot less.

Hilary said...

Oh, and duh... main point of my comment... I really like the name Andrew! Unfortunately it was my exhusband's name so it is forever out of the running for us, but I really like it for you guys!