Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Valentine's day

I know it's pretty late but better late than never right?:)

So this Valentine's day we celebrated the night before. We exchanged gifts, he bought us chocolates, flowers, and some books. I have not read any books except for the fallen series. He bought me the beautiful creatures book which between you and me, I didn't really care for those books but since he bought them for me I am now going to read them. It's not too bad, I saw the movie so I guess I should have a head start right? Oh and he also bought me my very own fishing pole. I have never had my own fishing pole. We will be fishing on Spring break, and I cant wait!We havent gone fishing in a long time.

For the Mr. we bought him a memory foam pillow that he has been wanting and I also got him a gift certificate from Amazon. I love Amazon. Afterwards we went to the Longhorns restaurant. It was our first time ever at that restaurant. We had a gift card that we had received during Christmas and we had yet to use it. Our dinner was pretty much free except for the tip.

On the day of Valentine's day Megan and I received so much candy and valentine gift from daycare and my classroom. Seriously we have so much candy. We filled about two buckets full of candy. 

That day Jaime called me early in the morning while I was at work saying he needed my help. He needed for me to drop off an application at another city.Apparently, he had done the application but had done it wrong. He was at work and he could not take it in, plus it was the last day to turn it in. So I left from work at 3:45 and after picking up Megan we were finally home at 4:05. I still needed to find some documents that he still needed and they were in the attic. The attic! A huge pregnant lady going in the attic. Im surprise I did not fall. By the time I found all his documents It was 4:25. I still had to go to his work and pick up the rest of the document then I had to go to the next city and turn it in before 5:00. When I got there he was like "babe, I don't think your going to make it, it's o.k.

Now backstory: Jaime and I have had some heated discussion on moving to another city. He is from the next city and I am from this city that we currently live at. I have told him that I want to work at this district and I don't want to have a commute from his city to this city because the drive in the morning is terrible and there is traffic.  If he was to get hired in that city, which he will because he is damn good as his job, it would mean that we are all moving over there and I don't want that.

So when he told me that I probably could not make it in time and that I could just forget it. This thing came over me and I wanted to make sure that his application got sent. I put aside my feeling on the matter and made sure I turned in his application because I love the guy and I want him to be happy where he works at. All he wants is better pay and when he get hired, he will get just that so I thought that, if it's important to him, it's important to me. So Megan and I got there at 4:56, right before closing time. Turned in his application and he was all set to take his test.

I told him I had turned it in and he was just shocked that I actually did everything I could to make it on time. He told me that I actually surprised him because he knows I hate being under pressure to do something but I did it for him, because I love him.

Afterwards Megan and I rented some movies and picked up a large pizza and celebrated Valentine's day together.

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