Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby shower for little Andrew

We have decided on a theme for the baby shower. We have chosen a safari/jungle theme for the shower. I didn't have a shower for Megan because instead of a shower we were planning a funeral and it was the worst day of my life so I was not up to going through with the shower. This time around hopefully everything goes o.k and we are able to have a shower for Andrew. We have most of the items we need for the baby shower. I still need to look for some vines and some balloons and a couple of other things. We are aiming for April 19th, which is the weekend of Easter. I'm not totally on board with that date but it's the only available date we have for everyone who is going to be involved.

My mother and I went to Hobby lobby and bought a couple of stuff and began crafting. My cricut is AMAZING! Im glad my mom bought it for me for Christmas because it would have bene hell to have to cut all this on my own. I mean it took me forever to just do all this and the computer was doing this, then to have to do it by hand...uh no thanks.
 This will be part of the banner I still have yet to finish.

 These will be the cupcake toppers

 These will be the labels for some of the finger foods we are going to have.