Monday, March 17, 2014

Pregnancy post

I think it hilarious and weird that sometimes I feel like Im not as huge as some woman, then there are other other days when I feel like a whale. Im sure most woman feel like that. I guess it's just good days and bad days. Then there are days where my belly is to the side and not to the front because baby is on the side hanging out. So my body looks a little weird at times.

On this particular day I felt like I looked like a grandma. Ugh, why don't I ever look good in dresses. I think I look good without my belly but I thought this dress would have looked better on me. This is turning into a pity party post, sorry.

 We have officially bought the crib. I feel like we are so late on baby stuff. I think I have said that many times but yeah, I feel like we have so much more to get. For example, I feel like we don't have enough clothes for the little guy. We don't have blankets, we don't have a pump, oh gosh the list goes on and on. I still need to buy his bedding. Excuse me while I shop on Amazon:)

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