Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Written (3.17.2014)
Well, last week was Spring break and all I can say was that it was short lived. We didn't really do much, we were going to go to Houston but I know I would have been tired and that's not what I wanted to do for a one week break. So I stayed at home just hanging out with Jaime and Megan. It was also my birthday week which I kept forgetting it was birthday(how could anyone forget about their birthday right?). I think it's just that this pregnancy is just going so slow. Then again I really do not want to feel all the pain again, but eh that's how babies are born right? o.k how did I get from my birthday to the baby's birth.

I wish I could say I have more pictures from Spring Break but I don't. I hate that I never take pictures but it is what it is. My mind is pretty much always somewhere else. I think I have that whole pregnancy brain.

The weather in Texas has been the worst. It is summer, winter and fall all in one week. Which makes me believe that this summer is going to be the worst weather ever! On this day, it was a perfect day. So we went outside and played with Megan. She is so eager for me to get baby out so I can start running with her.

This week I had told Megan we would give her a haircut. In the morning she was so eager to get her haircut, and when we returned she was in the worst mood. My child can sometimes be very very crazy. She will tell me when she is in a bad mood or when she is in a good mood. I mean seriously look at these pictures, different girl right?

Apparently, she said she was upset because she didn't like the haircut even though she said that she wanted bangs and that she just wanted a little bit of hair cut off. That's exactly what I told the lady to do. I guess Megan has another idea.

We also went to the Livestock show on my birthday. I got a little burned from the sun and I don't think I was as tired as I thought I would be. We took a stroller for Megan because good golly if she would have walked the whole thing, she would have made one of us to pick her up and carry her. She isn't  light anymore, she is pretty heavy. We saw piglet races finally. They are the cutest things. I wanted to touch them so bad.

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