Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This is going to be the best of my life!

I am a little behind on some post so this week will be my "catch up week", since It's SPRING BREAK! I wanted to share some news and some updates with you all. However, this post will probably be short and sweet.
First off, I took my first certification test. I took it March 1st and I wasn't that nervous, I was just ready to take it. On Wednesday, after I got out of Student teaching, I checked my email to see if my results had came in and to my surprise they had. The email stated that my results were in and that I had to sign in to see them. Jaime was at home and I told him they were in(I was a bit dramatic at the time). I was freakin out, he was saying it's going to be o.k that he was sure I pass and if not then I could take it again. He said it wasn't a big deal it was going to be o.k He also offered to look at the scores first. I told him no because he would have to tell me the bad news and I think it would be worse if he was the one that said I had failed.

So I checked the scores myself, and found that I had PASSED! I was so happy, jumping up and down yelling "oh my god!" Telling Jaime and Megan that we were half way there. It was a pretty amazing day. I told my parents that night and they were really happy for me and super proud of me.

I also received my invitation to my graduation! Yes, I am so happy that I get to send these bad boys out to my family.

 I have no clue why my child thought she was able to do this. I was shocked when I saw her on my table. This was the first time that she had ever sat there. I thought she looked so cute with her pajamas and the kindle in her hand just minding her own business.

I have been getting some crafting items from Hobby lobby for the baby shower. I came across this cute chair and had to text a pic of this chair. This is the kind of chair I want when we are old and gray. I honestly can't wait to read as many books as I can when we retire. It will be the best last years ever:)

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